Construction making progress around Statesboro’s new Tormenta FC stadium

Construction making progress around Statesboro’s new Tormenta FC stadium

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Developers of a long-awaited shopping and entertainment area in Statesboro say they’re getting closer to building construction after months of road-building.

A council vote Tuesday evening to make Tormenta Way a city street in Statesboro could be another step in “paving the way” toward development that people have heard about for years.

The owners of Tormenta FC soccer and developers of the commercial track finished construction of the road that will lead through a retail shopping area that will include Publix, a theater and more. In addition, construction included widening Old Register Road to five lanes to handle the anticipated traffic when the team’s 5,000 seat stadium is built and opened.

The city required developers to build Tormenta Way up to codes for public streets in the city. The team owner and chief developer says construction in 2020 has been tricky.

“It’s a bit of a moving target. COVID has clearly made this much slower. But it hasn’t stopped it. And this fall, you’ll start seeing things coming out of the ground,” said Tormenta President Darin Van Tassell.

Van Tassell says the next step will be local governments letting a contract for a road that comes out of Georgia Southern’s Akins Boulevard, cuts through trees, connects to Tormenta Way, and runs all the way to the university’s south campus.

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