5,000 pairs of socks donated to Baxley residents

5,000 pairs of socks donated to Baxley residents
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APPLING CO., Ga. (WTOC) -Thousands of people in Appling County, from school students to seniors, will be can count on warm feet this winter.

One church in Savannah will deliver thousands of pairs of new socks from a church here in Savannah.

Volunteers at Called to Love sorted boxes and boxes of socks in all sizes and cuts. They dropped off a few thousand pairs at Appling Middle and other schools for students who might not have the clothes they need. Organizer Amy Branch says they stay in touch with the teachers.

“They’re just a text away,” said Branch. “They let us know if a child needs clothes at school or hasn’t been to school because they need clothes.”

Across town, they handed off boxes to nurses and staff at Appling Healthcare to go to residents of the hospital’s nursing home. While masks and sanitizer have gotten attention lately, staff members say socks will be important as Fall turns to Winter.

“It may be something so small to some people but to our nursing home residents and behavioral health patients, this is very comforting to them,” said Malorie Hill with Appling Healthcare.

The Boomba brand socks came through Trinity Lutheran Church in Savannah. The sock company donates socks to homeless charities for every pair bought. Boomba also includes micro microbial fibers in their socks. For homeless families or those just without washers and dryers, that’s a plus.

“When they can wear socks a couple of days and not have the dirtiness that’s usually with that, that’s another huge factor,” said Harvill.

She says they’ll start with this round of distribution and give out more very soon.

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