PPE suppliers see changing demand

PPE suppliers see changing demand

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The state of Georgia put together a list of companies that have signed up to help businesses get PPE.

Since May, over 220 companies have been providing things like masks, gloves, face shields and more to help out Georgia businesses.

AD Specialty Services is just one of the businesses supplying PPE for Savannahians and others.

They say they believe the demand for PPE will continue whenever students go back to school in person.

They normally sell branded clothing items and products for businesses but says their suppliers were able to provide them with masks, face shields and more.

The Office Manager says they’ve been able to help existing and new clients like restaurants, hotels, small businesses and hospitals across the country during this time.

“Our suppliers were quickly able to turn their gears and make the PPE that is necessary for everyone else to survive at home either at home or in their businesses so we were able so we were able to I feel like bridge the gap between the needs and the suppliers that were able to produce the masks and the hand sanitizers," said Emily Kurilla, AD Specialty Office Manager.

AD Speciality also says a lot of people have been interested in buying pens so they don’t have to use the same pen after someone else.

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