Donald Trump Jr. talks about Savannah campaign rally

The President’s eldest son spoke with WTOC one-on-one following Wednesday’s rally

Donald Trump Jr. talks about Savannah campaign rally

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The rally Wednesday evening was just about an hour long and was headlined by Donald Trump Jr.

A large ovation welcomed Don Jr. to Savannah this week.

The president’s son wasted no time going after his father’s opponent.

“See, if I was Joe Biden I’d say, 'it’s great to be here in the state of Alaska.”

The former Vice President wasn’t the only target.

“A few weeks ago Bill Clinton was lecturing us about decency in the Oval Office,” joked Trump Jr.

A somewhat comedic approach Trump Jr. believes helps drive home his points and of course, entertains.

“There’s plenty of stiffs in politics right? There’s plenty of people that could just be really boring so, I feel out the crowd a little bit. I think you can have some fun and make a point at the same time.”

One of his main points Wednesday night.

“I don’t have a billion dollars in free publicity from the media.”

A distrust in mainstream media.

One of the reasons he found himself making a stop in Savannah.

“We did great here last time around but we don’t have the benefit of a mainstream media complex being our cheerleaders. We have to make up for what we don’t get from a biased media by actually being on the ground,” said Trump Jr.

Of course, the crowd was smaller due to health guidelines but Trump Jr. remains confident his message was heard.

“If you compare Donald Trump’s 47 months to 47 years as a D.C. swamp creature, it’s a no brainer.”

From Savannah Trump Jr. tells WTOC he is now headed to Louisiana to continue campaigning for his father.

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