Rally attendees excited to hear from Trump, Jr., while others came to protest

Rally attendees excited to hear from Trump, Jr., others come to protest

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Trump campaign says 2,500 people registered for the Savannah rally Wednesday night.

Those who came down to the Savannah Convention Center said they were excited to have the president’s eldest son here in Savannah.

Hundreds of people filled the upstairs ballroom at the Savannah Convention Center in support of President Trump and four more years.

“Donald Trump is the absolute best president that America could have and the last four years proved exactly what he wants to do with America. What he’s done and what he plans to do," said attendee Robert Simmons.

Even some of the President’s youngest supporters came out for the big event.

“Just turned 18," said attendee Nickolas Franklin. “It feels pretty good. Feels like an adult and all, going to vote for him soon.”

However, before the President’s eldest son took the stage, one resident says he came to protest on behalf of immigrants and reproductive rights.

“If I could spread the word and I could see a lot of people or I can get to speak to at least like 10 different people or any amount and change at least one mind or give somebody the thought and that’s what counts," said protester Miguel Martinez.

Overall, those who came out in support say they were happy with the way the rally turned out Wednesday night and are looking forward to voting in November.

“I’m just glad to be here and see the nice crowd of people that are here. And everybody should exercise their right to go and hopefully they will follow their heart and vote in the way that will benefit this great country that we have,” said attendee Nancy O’Neal.

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