Safety precautions for rough water at HHI beaches

Safety precautions for rough water at HHI beaches

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Hilton Head Island beaches have seen some pretty choppy waters over the last few days. While Shore Beach Services says some people are coming out to enjoy the rougher surf, some people should stay away.

“There’s been, I would stay definitely, a big uptick in surfers on the beach. Pretty much the last three to four days there’s been a lot,” Shore Beach Services Operations Manager Mike Wagner said.

But they say this type of activity might not be for everyone if you’re not a good swimmer.

“One of the biggest things is don’t overestimate your swimming ability. Even if you are a pretty good swimmer, you know, a big wave can come over knock you over and disorient you.”

Wagner says this type of weather can cause dangerous conditions.

“So, the biggest thing with the rip current is always to remember if you are caught in a current that’s taking you offshore, don’t swim directly back into it.”

They say it’s important to get the message out as they are still relatively busy for this time of year. People are still allowed in the water for now. A yellow flag has been posted to make sure everyone knows if they are enjoying the beach, they need to be careful.

“We are quite a bit different from Tybee as far as having a lot of rip currents, but it’s still a greater risk here on Hilton Head with the storms.”

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