Beaufort Co. school district sets date to resume face-to-face instruction in hybrid model

Beaufort Co. school district sets date to resume face-to-face instruction in hybrid model
Beaufort County School District’s superintendent said the district will launch the fall school year with all-virtual instruction, citing concerns about the spread of COVID-19. (Source: WTOC/File)

BEAUFORT CO., S.C. (WTOC) - Students in Beaufort County will be making a return to the classroom starting Oct. 5.

The Beaufort County school board made the decision at Wednesday night’s board meeting. Beaufort County Superintendent Dr. Frank Rodriguez says it was always the goal to return to a traditional learning method. He said the district has prepared extensive safety precautions in place to protect students and staff in school buildings.

The students will return in a hybrid A-A B-B method where only half of the students will go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the other half on Thursdays and Fridays. Students will have virtual learning on Wednesdays so the school can be deep cleaned.

On the days students are not in the classroom, they will be expected to do independent school work.

The district is working right now to notify families if their students will go to school on A days or B days based on what students registered for at the beginning of the semester. Siblings will be assigned to the same days whenever possible.

Families who still want to do online learning will have that option. But with this move to in-person learning, Dr. Rodriguez says they will be cutting ties with the K 12 Learning Management System.

“We’ve been trying to work through our frustrations with K12 in recent weeks, but when our students and teachers are impacted, we needed to move quickly to find a better course,” Dr. Rodriguez said in a statement.

The district says the break with K12 would not create significant problems. They will continue to rely on other online platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom and Seesaw, and other online teaching platforms.

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