Chatham County Commissioners continue support for Savannah Manufacturing Center

Chatham County Commissioners continue support for Savannah Manufacturing Center

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s a project that broke ground in 2018 and now is nearly complete. Chatham County Commissioners approved 10-million dollars of SPLOST funding for site development at the Savannah Manufacturing Center.

Chatham County Commissioners spoke at length Friday about the Savannah Manufacturing Center. They’ve contributed nearly 30-million dollars to the project and say they are excited about its progress.

“I think this is going to be a great addition to Chatham County as well as it’s in my district the 7th district," explained Commissioner Dean Kicklighter, District 7. "It’s going to provide a lot of jobs and be something definitely to be proud of in the county.”

The more than 700 acre site off Old River Road has 12 diverse manufacturing companies looking at the park, though that has been delayed because of the pandemic.

While the site is nearly 90% complete, the Savannah Economic Development Authority president says the space needs a comprehensive drainage study. The area is in the Little Ogeechee Watershed and has a lot of development planned meaning they need to ensure it’s done right before projects come in. The study could cost anywhere from 450 to 600 thousand dollars, but is useful not just for the Savannah Manufacturing Center, but includes other municipalities (Bloomingdale and Pooler) and counties (Effingham and Bryan.)

“We really needed to know so we could provide those communities with information as to what further development would do in terms of the drainage basin," explained Chairman Al Scott, Chatham County Commission. "Because we live in an area where it’s subject to hurricanes, storms and everything else and drainage is a major issue here and we could get a cat 4 and the entire county would be covered with water.”

SEDA leaders say they will use existing SPLOST funds for the study that’s expected to take eight months to complete.

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