Progress being made on COVID-19 vaccine

Progress being made on COVID-19 vaccine

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There’s been a lot of discussion on the future of a COVID-19 vaccine and when it could be ready.

A local doctor is well into a phase three vaccine trial.

Dr. Paul Bradley says research continues here in Savannah for a COVID-19 vaccine. While he’s hopeful about what he’s seeing, he says the work must continue.

“Things have been going great, the really good news and I really want to impress this, we’re not seeing anything in the way of serious side-effects from the vaccines we’re not. From my standpoint the question is will whether or not they work," said Dr. Bradley, Principal Investigator for the Meridian Clinical Research.

While research so far has shown the vaccines work in the test tube and produce an antibody response, the question is whether that works in real life. Which is what the clinical trials are for. Dr. Bradley says tens of thousands of people have participated across the country, including our Dawn Baker.

“What we need to see is that the people with the placebo are not protected, that they are unfortunately getting COVID, but the people that are getting the vaccine, the real thing, are not getting COVID. When we see those numbers as they separate, as the group gets larger and larger again tens of thousands of people then we will know it worked.”

Though the COVID-19 vaccines have been developed quickly, Dr. Bradley says they are doing diligent research to ensure what’s approved is safe, and ready. He knows some will be skeptical of the vaccine when it’s ready but says people will have to weight the benefits and risks.

“Do I feel the vaccine has been rushed no, I think that it is happening, as the government said warp speed yes, but it’s not been approved yet, it’s still very much in clinical trials. Tens and tens of thousands of people are in the trials and we are watching very closely under incredible scrutiny.”

No approval for a vaccines has been granted in the U.S., but officials at the Coastal Health District say the federal government has told them to begin preparing to distribute the vaccine to first responders and frontline workers, but no date was given.

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