Wilmington Island store says they’re target of several thefts

Wilmington Island store says they’re target of several thefts

WILMINGTON ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - A manager at a store on the islands says he’s tired of being stolen from, and these crimes can be very hard on business.

The general manager of Islands Ace Hardware says the store has been the target of several thefts recently and he’s eager to put a stop to it as fast as possible.

Islands Ace Hardware General Manager, Dale Jackson, says his store was stolen from this past week and he’s taken to social media to help put an end to it.

“They walk out of the store, the cashier or sales associate is trying to flag them down and they run or jump in a vehicle and they’re gone before we really have a proper chance to react to it," said Jackson.

Jackson says repeated thefts add up to a big loss. The most recent incident alone amounted to about $500 worth of products.

“A large Yeti backpack. Inside the Yeti backpack was a smaller Yeti cooler and inside that was also another lunch bag.”

Jackson says social media is a great tool because locals often can identify people. But what’s even more helpful, he says, are the quality of the surveillance pictures and videos taken to see just what was stolen and when.

“I never post anything out there that’s questionable where we don’t know for sure that individual took it. These are all things that we can see them concealing the product.”

Jackson says in this most recent case an employee saw it happen, but Jackson says it’s too dangerous for them to approach the person sometimes without putting themselves at risk.

“Fortunately one of our cashiers was paying attention and watching what was going on as he made his way out the door. As she questioned him he just threw up something that he was hoping would look like a receipt.”

Jackson says the store will be taking preventative measures from now on including having more employees to look out for people especially when part of their face is now covered with a mask.

“Looking for folks who are a little overdressed when it comes to full-faced gear, glasses on and a hat sitting low on their head.”

Jackson says the amount of money they lose in these instances does have a big impact.

“Even a larger retail store, $500, $600, $800 here and there of straight loss is detrimental to a business.”

Manager Dale Jackson says he submitted a police report Monday for the incident that happened this past week.

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