National Voter Registration Day urging everyone to sign up to vote

National Voter Registration Day urging everyone to sign up to vote

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day and in the Lowcountry current elected officials want to remind you why it’s important to register to vote ahead of time.

The Mayor of Beaufort, who is not running for reelection, is encouraging every citizen in his area and beyond to register to vote.

“I believe it’s a right, but I also believe it’s an obligation," said Mayor Billy Keyserling. "It’s easy to sit back and be critical but it’s some point you need to make choices.”

As of about 4 o’clock this afternoon South Carolina had about 3 and a half million registered voters.

Several thousand of those are in Beaufort County. And although today is national voter registration day, it is not the deadline to register

“So if you are not registered today, it’s OK. You still can register.”

Registering to vote online in South Carolina is easy as long as you have a drivers license or voter ID. All you have to do is go onto, fill out the information, and register to vote.

Residents in Beaufort County will be electing to city council members and a new mayor this November. Statewide a new congressman, senators, vice president and president will all be writing on this November’s election.

That’s why the mayor says it’s so vital everyone takes advantage of the time they have now and register.

“There is nothing more important than registering and voting. Because it is our one time that we can make a difference.”

If you plan on voting by mail, you can go ahead and order your absentee ballot and send it in, now.

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