Savannah Classical Academy seeing no cases of COVID-19 after returning to class in-person

Savannah Classical Academy seeing no cases of COVID-19 after returning to class in-person

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While Savannah-Chatham County families are waiting to return in-person, some charter schools have been meeting face-to-face with safety protocol for weeks.

Savannah Classical Academy has had students in this building since August 19 and despite the pandemic say they have seen a lot of success so far.

“We have had, since school started, no positive cases of any student or staff members here and we’re very fortunate and that tells me that our parents are really taking seriously what we’re doing and they have been," said Executive Director at Savannah Classical Academy Barry Lollis. "They have been very supportive of us. Our teachers are doing what they’re supposed to do and following those protocols.”

Students at SCA not only wear masks and have dividers, but the school also checks their temperature daily, uses germicidal UV lights at entry, and has an air purification system. While they have more than 50 percent of their student body back and learning in-person, some still remain at home.

Leaders say the main reason is the lack of transportation from Savannah-Chatham.

“When we surveyed our families a good majority of our virtual families reported to us that if they had transportation provided to them then they would send their children to school so if we had all the families at home that want to be here added to the families we already have here. We would have about 80 percent of our students on campus.”

Students at Savannah Classical Academy are in school five days a week and they deep clean the building daily. While they haven’t had any cases of COVID-19 so far, they say they are fully prepared to handle the issue should it arise. They feel what they’ve done is possible for others.

“I encourage all school leaders and decision-makers and board members to find a way to allow families that need to send their children back to school, let’s find a way to do that.”

SCA leaders say they will continue to work with Savannah-Chatham leaders in hopes of getting transportation as soon as possible.

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