Savannah Bananas agree to new Grayson Stadium lease

Savannah Bananas agree to new Grayson Stadium lease

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Savannah Bananas are set to stick around town for a while.

The team has agreed on a new lease for historic Grayson Stadium, and that lease is expected to be approved at Thursday night’s city council meeting.

Neither the team nor the city anticipate any issues with that approval.

After four years and an 88 game sellout streak before this COVID-impacted season, the Bananas say they are here to stay and ready to make this ballpark even more their home.

The new lease is for five years and includes a five year option. The Bananas will pay $25,000 a year for use of the stadium. The new agreement could also mean new things coming to this stadium that was first built in 1926.

Part of the lease agreement the Bananas will invest $250,000 in capital improvements over the first five years, as well as $2.5 million expected from T-Splost 7.

Team co-owner Jesse Cole says they’re happy to be sticking around Savannah, glad to continue to call Grayson Stadium home, and now he’s looking forward to what the Bananas can do as they move forward.

“When you know you have another term, there’s more things you can do. I think to know that the city committed to us, the community is committed to us, and we’re committed to this ballpark and this community. We obviously have some big visions for this ballpark, how we can enhance it as we go into the 100th anniversary of this stadium," said Cole.

Cole wouldn’t let any of those plans slip just yet, but says the team will be making some announcements by the end of 2020.

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