App helping find volunteers during pandemic

App helping find volunteers during pandemic

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Non-profit organizations and others are still looking for volunteers during the pandemic.

However sometimes it can be difficult to find these opportunities.

To help, one tech non-profit here at home has created a mobile app to connect people to volunteer opportunities in their area.

IVolunteer International is tech non profit and a volunteer advocacy organization.

The Executive Director says they want to get rid of barriers people come across that may prevent them from volunteering.

“There’s always a lot of privilege when it comes to volunteering," said Nipuna Ambanpola, Executive Director of IVolunteer International. "You need to be able to transport yourself, you need to be able to afford volunteering and you need to be able to have time as well.”

To help break those barriers, they’ve created an app designed to connect people with non profits and other groups in their area.

The app will be available for anyone with a smartphone and has a variety of causes relating to different volunteer projects.

Ambanpola hopes it’ll bridge the gap between volunteer opportunities and the people who want to help.

He also hopes it will help local governments and non profits find out about what specific needs there are in different communities.

“ I hope that it will bring and unite communities together from different religions, social economic statuses to volunteer for different causes they care about," said Ambanpola.

The IVolunteer app comes out next month and will be available throughout the Coastal Empire

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