Beaufort Co. community honors boy killed in crash

Beaufort Co. community honors boy killed in crash

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Beaufort community is banding together to remember a family who died tragically Saturday morning, when the car they were in went off a bridge.

Earlier this week we spoke with the family of the pregnant mother and her three sons who lost their lives. Now, we’re hearing from the teachers of one of the boys who died, Alonzo Houston, and what they’re doing to honor the young man.

Teachers, students, and families at Robert Smalls Academy are honoring the life of Alonzo Houston, who passed away over the weekend. They are doing so by wearing all of his favorite colors and representing his favorite hero.

“He was the sweetest. He was the sweetest little child. His family obviously put a priority on his education," said first grade teacher Jennifer Park.

“And then his favorite superhero was Spiderman. So today, we have all dawned on our Spiderman paraphernalia," said Principal Celestine Lavan.

On Wednesday they wore Blue, Thursday they wore green, and Friday they all dressed up in their Spiderman gear.

“It was truly special. There were lots of pictures and images on Facebook, teachers even put Spiderman backgrounds when they were teaching this week.”

Even the Burton Fire District got involved. Friday, his teachers are looking back on the little time they got to spend with the young man.

“That’s the beauty of virtual learning, is that we have the opportunity to go back and watch those videos and the things that mom posted on seesaw," said first grade teacher Nancy Bramlette.

They have decided that even though they can’t wear his favorite things every day, they can keep his lessons and activities on display.

“They designed their own new shoe and Alonzo’s bright and vibrant personality definitely stepped out.”

The teachers say as students re-enter the classrooms over the next few weeks they do plan on keeping Alonzo’s assignments up. Just to keep his memory alive.

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