Lovin’ Spoons closing for good in Savannah, Pooler

After taking a hit in business due to the pandemic the frozen yogurt shop will be shutting down for good this weekend

Lovin’ Spoons closing for good in Savannah, Pooler

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A staple in Savannah and Pooler for the past decade is now preparing to say their final goodbye this weekend.

Lovin' Spoons Frozen Yogurt announced Sunday will be their last day.

Before they close up shop, WTOC stopped by to talk about their 10-year run in the area.

“It was like we brought Disney World to Pooler. It was insane, I mean you couldn’t even get in the door,” said Lovin’ Spoons Owner & Founder Diane Kahn.

When Kahn brought Lovin' Spoons to the area 10 years ago, this cold treat received quite the warm welcome.

“The flavors are what was so amazing about it because you could just go in there, like I just did, and get a little bit of whatever floats your boat that day,” said regular customer Barbara Wind.

But unfortunately, this year, things took a not so sweet turn.

“Put it this way, my summers are when I build up revenue to get me through the winter. My sales this summer, were below winter levels,” said Kahn.

Leading them to a tough decision, to close up shop for good. An announcement that left many patrons, like Wind, speechless.

“There just aren’t any words. There are no words. There aren’t any words.”

However, for Kahn the writing was on the wall as the pandemic had forced them to change one of the things that people loved most about them.

“It’s about the experience and I think that’s one of the reasons we’re closing is because we’re not self-serve anymore. I think that takes away from the experience of coming to Lovin' Spoons.”

But despite what they’ve lost, Kahn points to what can never be taken away.

“Memories have been made here. People had their first dates here and got married, one-year-old birthday parties, Saturday night meeting place after the movies.”

Memories that won’t soon melt away. And a pride that will remain frozen in time.

“I really am proud of what we created, there’s no doubt about that. Ten years is really kind of a record in this area for this business, so we have a lot to be proud of," said Kahn.

Lovin' Spoons Pooler location is actually one of four Greater Pooler Area Chamber of Commerce member businesses that have closed down during the pandemic including Tijuana Flats, IHOP and Salt Table.

The Chamber however points to continued growth in the city including two business ground breakings in the last month alone.

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