Lowcountry hospital offers quick and easy mammograms

Lowcountry hospital offers quick and easy mammograms

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) -Women are told to get mammograms every year. The process is often uncomfortable and long: an average mammogram takes 45 minutes. But Hilton Head Regional Hospital is trying to make the process seem less intimidating.

They have expanded their facilities to provide 10-minute abbreviated Breast MRI exams. While the test does not replace the need for a yearly exam, it does allow women who may be concerned a faster test that will provide them with peace of mind. The hospital recommends you have an abbreviated MRI every other year, especially if you have dense breast tissue.

“MRI is a different way for a mammogram to look at the breast tissue," said director Rochelle Ringer. "And to try to find cancers. Because we’ve known mammogram is good but not perfect, and especially when you have dense breast tissue, we have known for quite a long time that things can get missed. And so, the abbreviated MRI is a way for women to do additional testing, so it is in addition to mammograms, and you can find a bunch more cancer is that the mammogram alone is missing.”

The Hilton Head Regional Hospital’s Bluffton campus is extending its hours for the Breast Health Center for the month of October so more women who work from 9-5 can get tested.

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