Averitt Center Open for Performances, Reorganizing Rosengart Gallery

Averitt Center Hosts Performances, Reorganizes Rosengart Gallery

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - In-person classes and performances are now available again in Statesboro. The Averitt Center for the Arts opened for summer camps back in June but is now hosting performances again in its Emma Kelly Theater as well, which staff members say they’re very happy about.

“We were so excited because that’s what we do here is we are community oriented, and my job as a box office manager is so patron oriented, so we were really getting kind of lonely," Averitt Center Box Office Manager Rachel Elkins said.

Of course, the Averitt Center is taking a number of precautions to keep you safe. That includes only hosting performances that can stay socially distanced both backstage and onstage. Additionally, everyone who enters the building must have their temperature taken and wear a mask. Members of the audience must sit two seats apart unless they live together, and every other row of the theater has been roped off. The Averitt Center has also hired a “COVID crew” whose only job is enforce COVID safety requirements and disinfect surfaces at least once an hour.

The Averitt Center is also showcasing more local artwork at its Rosengart Gallery.

Previously, the gallery showcased exhibits from visiting artists. When COVID-19 put many of these traveling exhibits on hold, staff members at the Averitt Center decided to pivot to a local focus.

Now, members of the Statesboro Regional Art Association will volunteer their time to keep the gallery open and in exchange their work will be on the walls.

The SRAA’s treasurer says this change is a win for both the association and the Averitt Center.

“I like it. They like it. We’re all just excited. We’re delighted to help out the Averitt Center in any way. And this is helping them, it’s helping us, it’s mutually beneficial," Alice Bennett said. "I just hope people will come to the gallery and see the artwork. I just wish I were there so you could see some of the artwork right now. Because we do have some very talented people. We have some people I think that are up and coming artists.”

The Rosengart Gallery is on West Main Street in Statesboro. You can visit for free every Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., as well as during Averitt class hours and by appointment.

A percentage of each sale made at the gallery will be donated back to the Averitt Center.

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