Senior Citizens Inc., Celebrates Legends, Leaders, and Life Well Lived Awards

Senior Citizens, Inc. honors seniors with awards

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Senior Citizens Inc. is celebrating some Savannahians who have had a big impact on our community.

Architect Eric Meyerhoff, businessman Arnold Tenenbaum and educator and advocate Delores J. Washington are the winners of the Legends, Leaders and Life Well Lived Awards.

Patti Lyons, president of Senior Citizens Inc., says the award is a natural extension of SCI’s mission, and she was inspired to create it after a personal experience.

“It really came about because I realized I had been delivering meals to a woman near our office for seven years, and when she passed and I read in her obituary about this incredible life that she had. I didn’t know anything about it. I just thought we have to be able to tell these stories and have to be able to share for the next generation. It’s amazing what people do in their day to day life, and when you get older, people stop hearing those stories and stop seeing them, and that’s why this award is so important.”

A drive thru celebration was held for the recipients and their families last week, but a watch party of the formal awards ceremony is happening Thursday, October 1. Lyons hopes that learning about these winners inspires action and also leads to more conversations between generations of Savannahians.

“We’re hoping people watch and become inspired by these stories, and they take a moment and think about oh their older neighbor, maybe they have an interesting story, or, ‘I never asked my grandmother about what her life was like.’”

That watch party for the awards ceremony is happening October 1 5:30 p.m. During that ceremony, you’ll hear from Patti Lyons and watch videos about the winners and their accomplishments.

You don’t need a passcode. it’s free to attend, but SCI is accepting donations.

To watch the awards ceremony, click here.

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