2020 Smart Women Expo goes virtual

2020 Smart Women Expo goes virtual

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Every year the St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundation brings hundreds of local women together with the Smart Women Luncheon and Expo.

It’s an afternoon of fundraising dedicated to the Telfair Mammography fund.

The event usually features a nationally known speaker, but this year the foundation decided to go virtual, and put on a month long Smart Women series.

In honor of the organization’s 18th year, SJC decided to celebrate 18 local women who exemplify resilience, intellect, compassion, and strength.

The video series features interviews with those women who shared their dreams, success, failures, inspiration. Although this year’s Smart Women event was different, the event chair says the need is greater than ever.

“We want very much for the community to understand the mammography fund is needed particularly during a pandemic. Many women go uninsured and are unable to have their mammograms, so this fund provides those services to women. About 25 percent of women in our region are uninsured so we must meet those needs with this fund,” 2020 SJC Smart Women Chair Monica McGoldrick said.

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