Top Teacher: Sandy Nead

Top Teacher: Sandy Nead

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Teachers are being welcomed back to the classroom at Marshpoint Elementary.

Sandy Nead teaches the PACE program that works with autistic children at the school.

“They need love, they need consistency, they need routine, they need safety. They need to know that they are important,” Nead said. “I think the big thing is setting expectations that they can meet. 29:43 and achieve and feel that in themselves, that they are better when they left the room, then when they came in.”

Nead says a strong relationship and good communication with parents is the key, to help relay information that a student may not be able to communicate themselves.

“I’ve had students go from talking to not talking, students not reading to reading, or kiddos that I catch their first words, and I’m able to share that with their parents as well,” Nead said.

“She is a wonderful teacher and she takes time to create individual lessons for each child. She works with the parents, she works in communication with every parent, every day,” Principal Sylvia Wallis said.

“You keep trying, you keep improving yourself, you further your education, you keep expanding your knowledge. One of the things I say as a teacher is that if you are done learning, it’s time to get out of the profession. because as teachers we are constantly learning,” Nead said.

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