Good News: Pooler teacher releases uplifting children’s book

Good News: Pooler teacher releases uplifting children’s book

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - Young children thrive with positive reinforcement from the adults around them.

One Pooler school teacher used his son, and an orange dinosaur, to deliver messages of self-worth that all children need to hear.

“Tristen woke up every morning excited about the new day. He was excited about the chance to learn new things,” read Travis Perry, author of “I Am.”

Six-year-old Tristen Perry hears a positive message every day - and it comes from himself.

“Tristen is actually the main character in the book, Tristen the dinosaur.”

Tristen’s dad, Travis Perry, has just released his first children’s book, "I Am,'' that uses his first born to teach positive thinking and self-confidence to children around Tristen’s age.

“I’m really big into affirmations and meditation and everything like that, so I just kind of wanted to write a book for children to understand those affirmations and to show how me and my wife have raised our kids. We raised them to be compassionate and believe they can be whatever they want to be.”

Even if it’s an orange dinosaur heading off to his first day at a new school.

“As he confirmed to himself, I will have a great day. I am great, I am loved, I am kind and I am a great friend.”

Perry and his wife are both elementary school teachers and see every day how important positive reinforcement is for children that age.

“I really want them to understand the affirmations, the power of the “I Am” statement and just that they are compassionate and they are kind.”

Perry wrote his book before the pandemic, but says its messaging has become even more important in this COVID era.

"I think with everything going on, it’s always good to have a little positive going around and I think my book does that. I think it was perfect timing actually.

Perry hopes to keep using Tristen’s stories to teach lessons to children, but he hasn’t only started a book series. He has started a company to help others get their children’s books published.

"Just doing it myself, I ran into a lot of problems and issues. So, now that I know, I’m like, it would be great to be able to help other people along the way.''

Travis released his book on Tristen’s 6th birthday in early September. So far, he has had to do all of his promotion online. He hopes to have local signings soon.

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