Do you recognize these pictures?

Springfield business owner hoping the public can help uncover the history of an old trunk

Do you recognize these pictures?
Historic Trunk (Source: Sam Bauman WTOC)

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WTOC) - A new shop in Downtown Springfield recently came in possession of one very unique item.

An antique trunk with connections to Savannah.

But it’s what’s inside the trunk that has the owner looking answers.

Miss Mable’s Mercantile is new to downtown Springfield but what they sell, likely looks pretty familiar.

“You hear people come in all the time and you hear them say, ‘oh, I remember my grandmother had that,’” said owner Rebecca Wasson.

Wasson has a passion for bringing the old and unused back to life.

“My husband and I have been picking, they call it, I call it junking but people call it picking, for twenty years.”

So, when a friend offered Wasson an old trunk, “I was like, ‘yes I’ll take it!’”

But it wasn’t until she got it home that she realized what she had.

“I brought it in and I started cleaning it up and I noticed the label on it.”

As it turns out the trunk was made in Savannah.

The more she looked the more she found.

“And then on the side I noticed there was a family name,” said Wasson.

The name, Smith.

But the biggest surprise for Wasson was what was on the inside.

“After I got all the quilts out and was cleaning the inside I started looking at the pictures really close.”

And what she saw, was home.

Pictures of the Tybee Lighthouse, perhaps an Old Fort Screven and possibly a downtown Savannah Street.

But what stood out most to her.

“The pictures of the people, the children.”

A family.

“When I saw these pictures I thought, if this had been in my family, I would do just about anything to find it if I knew it was out there,” said Wasson.

Which is why she’s hoping someone will see these faces and know their story.

Preserving the trunk, and the memories found inside.

A job Wasson feels she was meant for.

“My love of Savannah and my love of this area is just what lends me to think that this trunk found me, I didn’t find it.”

According to Wasson the trunks prior owner had no knowledge of the trunks past.

If you’d like to see it for yourself you can stop by Miss Mable’s Mercantile tomorrow for their grand opening in downtown Springfield

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