Good News: Palmetto Animal League’s month of adoption specials

Good News: Palmetto Animal League’s month of adoption specials

RIDGELAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Getting creative to find new homes for lots of animals. The Palmetto Animal League is coming up with new ways in October to connect the dogs and cats at their kennel with people to love them.

Shana can make herself at home anywhere. She would just prefer it to be in a home of her own.

“Getting a rescue animal, you’re getting a story too, whether we know it or not,” Sally Dawkins said.

The Palmetto Animal League is hoping some of those stories play out these next few weeks through special events and with special support. PAL kicked off a week of free adoptions with a virtual adoption event on Thursday.

“This morning, I’d like to introduce you to Nala and Smudge. Both are available for adoption now.”

And is looking forward to a big month, with Peacock Subaru donating $100 to PAL for every adoption during October, continuing a long-standing relationship with the rescue.

“We haven’t been able to have our events. We haven’t had everyone in and we really miss the interaction with the pets and the public and getting everyone involved ... this way we are still able to give back to the community and that’s how we can feel good about it,” Ken Kirby said.

Although adoptions have been up lately, PAL came up with the virtual adoption event as a different way to increase traffic to their facility.

“In this weird time, with everything going on, it’s an interesting way for us to portray the animals that we have here without people having to come in the building. They can get a one on one look at the animals that are available and more of a personal look as well with a chance to ask questions.”

And for long-term kennel residents like Shana, it can be introduction to even more people - and hopefully - a connection with one.

“It shines a different spotlight on these special dogs that typically wouldn’t get that kind of coverage even with our normal social media.”

A special October could shine that light on everyone at PAL.

“I’d love to see this place emptied.”

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