Some Bulloch Co. parents want school system to revise quarantine guidelines

Some Bulloch Co. parents want school system to revise quarantine guidelines

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A group of parents want the Bulloch County School District to revise how they handle students who’ve been exposed, or possibly exposed, to someone with COVID-19.

The parents who say they’re bringing concerns to the Board of Education say the quarantine protocols isolate their student from more than the virus alone.

School lunch looks quite different this year as they try to keep students socially distanced. In Bulloch County schools, any students in contact with a teacher or classmate who tests positive must quarantine for two weeks.

“There are kids on their third quarantine. We’ve been in school eight weeks, they’ve been home for six,” parent Sam Perossa said.

He and some other parents want the board to revise what “close contact” means. They believe students sitting across the room have little chance of exposure. They also think the quarantine hurts their student’s school performance.

They want the board to factor in whether students near the infected person had a mask.

“We want kids to have the option to wear their mask in school and if they wear it, there should be some benefit. And that benefit could be being able to stay in school,” Perossa said.

He says they don’t want to jeopardize anyone’s health. They just want to see regulations altered to give students the chance to learn.

He and others hope the board asks sooner rather than later.

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