Coastal Health District seeing downward trend of COVID-19 cases in Chatham Co.

Coastal Health District seeing downward trend of COVID-19 cases in Chatham Co.

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Chatham County Commissioners got their first briefing of the month from the Coastal Health District on Friday.

Dr. Lawton Davis dissected the data for the commissioners and there are some bright spots to point out.

The seven day rolling average of new cases is slightly lower than the 14-day average, indicating new case counts are trending down.

Also trending down, according to Dr. Lawton Davis, are the number of hospitalizations from COVID-19. Dr. Davis says there’s been a decrease in demand for weekly testing, likely due to the number of cases coming down, and more medical providers who have access to testing.

Still, the virus is in the community, and Davis reminded the room it’s important not to let our guard down.

“Continue to clean, continue to be vigilant, continue to wash your hands, don’t rub your eyes, be careful. But probably the most likely mode of transmission is airborne big droplets, small droplets when you’re close to somebody," said Dr. Davis.

The county extended their emergency order last week, making masks mandatory. Chairman Al Scott indicated additional extensions could be coming as we get into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving and Christmas being holidays where families gather indoors.

“I’m really concerned about that perhaps causing the trend line to go the other way, not just in Chatham County, but throughout the State," said Scott.

With Halloween coming up, Dr. Davis suggested folks leave candy out on a table for trick or treaters, or mark the sidewalk leading to their doors to help keep kids socially distant.

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