City of Richmond Hill finalizes cultural and diversity task force

*(source: WTOC)
Updated: Oct. 13, 2020 at 4:54 PM EDT
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BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) -The City of Richmond Hill and the Bryan County NAACP chapter finalized its cultural and diversity task force. The committee is meant to break the barriers regarding race in the local community.

The Cultural and diversity task force consists of 14 members mainly from the Bryan County NAACP chapter. President Johnnie Quiller says they’re looking to tackle three issues within the task force: economic opportunity, education, and criminal justice.

Following hundreds of protests across the country after George Floyd was killed, the City of Richmond Hill along with the Bryan County NAACP knew it was time to start talking about racial issues within the local community, which is why they decided to form a task force.

“Our goal is to do investigative research, we want hard data, we want data that’s available to the public, we want data that we may have to request from various sources. So we want valuable data, nothing that’s opinionated,” said Johnnie Quiller, the Bryan County NAACP President. “Not only are we looking at hard data though, we are also going to gather some soft data. That means we’re going to go out into the community.”

Quiller says they can’t tackle everything, but their goal was to select people who were concerned about their local community and wanted to see change when it came to racial disparities.

“I really would like to see them take on a better understanding of African-Americans and the things we’ve been through, and truly understand that there are racial inequalities and racial disparities that exist, even in our community.”

Mayor Russ Carpenter says the Bryan County NAACP was the perfect group to help form what they hope will create a change and create more conversation and awareness about race.

“They’re the perfect partner for the city with their historical significance, they can lead us and guide us into these issues; some of which are very contentious,” said Mayor Carpenter.

Quiller says they plan to put together a community survey sometime this week, asking the community questions about economic opportunity, education, and criminal justice.

They’re asking for honest answers. The survey will run for about two weeks and after the two weeks, they will process the data and analyze the results.

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