Coastal Health District urges caution when voting early

Coastal Health District urges caution when voting early

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia has already seen a record turnout only three days into early voting.

As so many headed to the polls, health leaders say it’s important to not only vote, but do it safely.

“I think you can do it safely you just need to be relatively smart about it,” says Coastal Health Director Dr. Lawton Davis.

With record turnouts this year, hundreds are waiting in line to make their vote count. Health leaders want you to do it wisely in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do they say you should wear a mask and social distance, but they also encourage you to bring sanitizer as well. Dr. Davis says waiting outdoors is actually better than being inside because of COVID, but says voters should dress appropriately, stay hydrated and block the sun. When you do get to get inside, he advises you to be prepared ahead of time to limit your exposure indoors and be conscious of what your touch.

“You’re not going to contract the virus by touching, it’s not going to go through the skin on your fingers so you can touch the machine," says Dr. Davis. "The risk is touching that machine or something else that is contaminated and then licking your finger, rubbing your eye so as soon as you finish with that you should use hand sanitizer.”

Dr. Davis says that safety during the election is to follow public health guidelines.

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