Rep. Cunningham answers questions during Beaufort County town hall

Rep. Cunningham answers questions during Beaufort County town hall

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce sponsored a town hall featuring Congressman Joe Cunningham on Wednesday afternoon.

This comes one week after his Republican opponent, Nancy Mace, did hers.

Congressman Cunningham had 30 minutes to speak on topics driven by local business owners. A big issue again this week was Parris Island.

“I know there’s been a lot of chatter back-and-forth and a lot of, yeah some people were trying to use this as a political football essentially. And criticizing my vote which was the same vote that Tim Scott, and Lindsey Graham, and everyone else in South Carolina’s delegation took.”

Rep. Cunningham said his contacts in the Marine Corps say Parris Island is not going anywhere.

“Men and women are already being trained down there in Parris Island right now. And the hindrance for full gender integration in the next five years may require some more Barracks, but that’s just going to require some more funds. Which is something we are going to work hard to make sure they get.”

Chamber members had the opportunity to ask questions firsthand.

A big topic was also COVID-19. Congressman Cunningham said he believes people should follow the science but did not specify whether he believes masks should be required.

“So, again, we all have to exhibit that sense of personal responsibility. And, but I do commend those towns, those counties that have put those mask mandates in place. Make sure we can get to the other side of this,” Rep. Cunningham said.

The congressman also commented on climate change and Beaufort’s rising sea levels.

“So, you know climate is changing. I think first and foremost we need someone who excepts the science behind it. But, you know, Ian as we talked about, we need to have both short-term and long-term goals.”

Rep. Cunningham and his opponent Nancy Mace are running for Congress in South Carolina’s 1st District.

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