Good News: Savannah doctor’s son following in his footsteps

Good News: Savannah doctor’s son following in his footsteps

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Dr. Gage Ochsner had helped make the Memorial Trauma unit what it has become when he passed away at the age of 59.

But now, seven years later, his legacy at the hospital has grown again with the arrival of another Dr. Ochsner.

Every day Dr. Trey Ochsner comes to work, it’s almost like going home.

“So many people still working there say your dad was such a special figure here and it’s inspiring,” said Dr. Ochsner.

Dr. Ochsner is the newest physician at Chatham Orthopedics and a legacy presence any time that work takes him to Memorial Health where his father, Dr, Gage Ochsner, was the head of trauma and critical care for years.

“It’s special walking down the hallways there. I’m definitely thinking about him a good bit.”

A fourth-generation physician, Ochsner says he never really felt any family pressure to go into medicine.

“I may or may not have been issued a stethoscope and a lab coat when I came out of the womb.”

But he was influenced early on by the kind of doctor his father was.

"As a trauma surgeon, you’re taking care of the sicken, often times the most indigent population and it’s inspiring. He treated everyone like they were a family member, and he told me that. He said make sure that patient is the equivalent of your mom or your brother or your sister and you’ll never go wrong by that.

A two-sport athlete at Savannah Country Day, Ochsner became interested in sports medicine early.

“I think it’s fun taking care of athletes. And not necessarily just high school athletes, but athletes of all ages, your weekend warriors. I just like getting people back to a high level of competition.”

And he has been familiar with his new work place since suffering a sports injury of his own in high school.

“I had a pretty severe ankle sprain and was taken care of by Dr. Wheeler and Dr. Hoffman here at Chatham, so I started that relationship early.”

But his mentor was always at home in the person whose example he hopes to follow in medicine and in Savannah.

“To say I have some pretty big shoes to fill would be an understatement. But I kind of always feel like he’s watching over me and whenever I’m in a tough decision making process, taking care of a patient, I always go back to what my dad would do. And I feel like a lot of times that steers me in the right direction.”

Dr. Ochsner’s brother is also a doctor. He too will soon be transferring to Memorial.

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