GSU joins nationwide program supporting Military in getting degrees

GSU joins nationwide program supporting Military in getting degrees

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Starting next year, Georgia Southern University could have more students in military uniform. They could be taking classes from anywhere Uncle Sam sends them.

A college education can be a challenge for the men and women serving this country in the military. It’s especially true when they’re on a ship, miles and miles at sea for months and months at a time.

Georgia Southern will join roughly 100 other schools nationwide in a military program to help sailors, marines, and coast guardsmen get their degree from anywhere they’re stationed.

You won’t suddenly see crowds of servicemembers on any of Georgia Southern’s campuses. It’s a partnership between universities across the country and the new United States Naval Community College.

Retired Col. George Frederick, head of Southern’s Military & Veterans Services, says Southern already had many of the courses the Navy required and had them online. He says they’ll test the program in 2021 with 500 servicemembers across the country.

“And in another year, they’re going to test it with 5,000. Two years after, they’re talking about 15,000 and ultimately up to 50,000 sailors, marines, and coast guardsmen going to school at various institutions across the nation,” said Frederick.

He hopes many of them chose Georgia Southern to get the education that moves them in their career.

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