Lowcountry city leaders discuss extending masks ordinances

Lowcountry city leaders discuss extending masks ordinances

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Many mask ordinances are getting closer to their expiration date and local governments can choose to extend them or let them expire.

Beaufort County did vote a few days ago to let the mask ordinance expire across the county.

“I’m very disappointed that the county didn’t extend, but the city of Beaufort did, Port Royal did, the town of Hilton Head did, the town of Bluffton did. And we are going to stick to it.”

Beaufort County let the mask ordinance expire after they did not get a super majority vote. The mayor of Beaufort is hoping the county will bring it back later.

“I would encourage them, have encouraged them to do that.”

Both the mayors of Bluffton and Beaufort believe masks have helped curve numbers and the two cities' own mask rules remain in place.

“I think everything together has made an impact on a town that has the lead from the very start, the highest number of cases.”

“But the majority, the vast majority of people said this may be a little inconvenient, but it is allowing us to get back to a more normal life.”

But they know not everyone is a fan.

“If you had asked me as a citizen on the street about masks, I think we are at a place that the ones who are going to wear masks are going to wear masks.” The mayors say they Will support extending the ordinance in their municipalities for at least another month or so. Beyond that, they say it is up to the numbers.

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