Bulloch Co. superintendent asking DPH to reconsider quarantine protocols

Bulloch Co. superintendent asking DPH to reconsider quarantine protocols

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Bulloch County’s superintendent is asking state health leaders to take another look at the effects quarantine rules are having on students' lives in the classroom.

This comes after the district tried to modify quarantine policies.

The superintendent says the district will follow the guidelines adamantly outlined to them by the state Department of Public Health in an email this week. But in his response, he asked the state to consider updating the rules they and other districts must follow.

The board voted last week to revise quarantine protocols to factor in whether students were wearing masks when determined they’d been in close contact with a student or teacher who’d tested positive. They’d heard from parents whose children had missed most of the school year due to contact when they’d never become ill themselves.

“Our objective is to have some rules whereby which our children can return to school based on some responsible, safe practices,” Superintendent Charles Wilson said.

That drew a stern letter from the DPH commissioner advising the district they didn’t have authority to override the state order. While they’ve suspended the board’s action in favor of the state rules, the superintendent asked the state to get feedback from school districts on the execution of the state order and consider adjusting them as they get more data on the virus and its affects.

“The more information you get, the more you can adjust, based on what you’re trying to accomplish. What we’re trying to accomplish is getting our children back in school,” Wilson said.

He stressed that students' welfare will always be the top priority for himself and the board.

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