Early voting underway in Bulloch Co.

Early voting underway in Bulloch Co.

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Voters who’ve made up their minds continue to show up at the polls early to cast their ballots. That’s meant long lines in many places.

People in Bulloch County continue to come and wait in line for early voting at the county annex. Meanwhile just two miles away, there’s little to no waiting to early vote at Georgia Southern’s Student Union.

At the county annex on North Main, people stood with phones and books to pass the time as they wait.

“I come by and it stays so long, and it stays so long and stays so long,” said voter Carol Waters.

Across town, people walked right through to get a booth and cast their ballot. The election supervisor says they’ve been here in past elections but few seem to know it’s here for anyone other than students.

“It’s open to the whole county. As long as you’re a registered voter in Bulloch County, you can come onto campus at the Russell Union and vote. We’re here from 8:00 to 5:00,” said Election Supervisor Pat Lanier Jones.

They’ll be open here through Thursday.

Bulloch Co. can begin processing absentee ballots

Bulloch Co. can begin processing absentee ballots

The election supervisor says a few helpful steps from the state could make things smoother on election night.

The state of Georgia will allow counties to process these votes before election night when they’ve had to wait until the polls closed in years past. Jones says they’d voted more than 6,000 people or 14 percent of voters as of Friday. She says processing ballots prior to Nov. 3 could get results earlier that night. But some things must wait until then.

“We are not counting the votes. We’re just opening the ballots, getting them straight and doing our log sheets that we need to do,” Jones said.

She says those steps could prove valuable year by year as more people vote early.

Jones says opening the envelopes may only take a couple of seconds, but multiply that by thousands and thousands of ballots and the time that’s saved adds up quickly.

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