CARES Act money will be distributed into the Statesboro community

CARES Act money will be distributed into the Statesboro community

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - One city hopes they can help their citizens get through this year’s economic challenges.

Statesboro announced a plan to share some of its CARES Act funds with people who’re trying to keep a home or business.

A quarter of a million dollars can sound like a lot of money until you try to share it with the many people in this community affected by the pandemic. Statesboro’s city manager says they’ll put caps in place for how much they can help anyone person or business, so they can help as many as possible.

Of the $250,000.00 allocated for the relief program, city council approved a plan to split the money three ways with $100,000 for mortgage/rent relief, $75,000 for small business grants, and $75,000 for utility assistance. City Manager Charles Penny says even a few people falling behind on mortgage, rent, or utilities impacts the entire communities' economy.

And there’s no way to calculate how many people have been affected.

“But we know we’ve got people hurting. The council felt it was just important to do all we could to assist citizens in our community,” Penny said.

They hope to have a timetable next week of when people can apply for funds.

He says they’ll partner with United Way, Action PAC, and the Georgia Southern Business Innovation Group to let them manage the distribution of the funds. If another round of CARES funding comes through, he hopes the city can receive more and share those too.

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