Hilton Head deciding on new interim town manager

Hilton Head deciding on new interim town manager

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WTOC) - Hilton Head and savannah have been searching for a new town manager but both searches have now been put on hold.

Savannah named an interim and so has Hilton Head.

Hilton Head decided to put their search for a new town manager on hold but they decided on a interim town manager and it is someone residents already know.

The Town of Hilton Head has decided Josh Gruber will likely be the interim town manager when Steve Riley leaves at the end of the year. The deputy town manager was part of the final four in the initial search for Hilton Head’s new town manager.

But, after two candidates dropped out, the town decided they wanted to choose their finalist from a wider pool. Now, town manager Steve Riley says they likely won’t start discussing their new search until town council meets for their annual retreat at the end of January.

This time, that search will include the search for a new consulting and hiring firm since their previous consultant has dropped out. Deputy town manager Gruber says this is a role he’s already used to.

“Part of my role and responsibility with the town now as the deputy town manager is to fill in for the town manager when he is not here or otherwise available. And that is essentially what we have. He is not going to be here, he is not going to be available. So, it’s kind of by default my responsibility to step up and take on those roles in an interim capacity until town council gets to a point where they are ready to move forward and hire someone permanently for the position," said Gruber.

Current town manager Steve Riley says town council will be finalizing Josh Gruber’s entering town manager contract at the next council meeting.

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