Town of Hilton Head clearing old golf course

Town of Hilton Head clearing old golf course

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - A land clearing project on Hilton Head is aiming to make one popular area safer.

It used to be a golf course, but the city now calls it dangerous.

“There’s 1,000 acres of ideas and only about 100 acres to do it on," said Town Manager Steve Riley.

A total of 190 leaning or dead trees are being removed from Hilton Head Midway over the next six weeks.

“I would suggest to you that it could be dangerous for folks to go onto that property while the tree work and the tree trimming is going on," said Director of Public Projects Scott Liggett.

The former golf course lies between William Hilton Parkway, Dillon Road, and Cemetery Road. Since the last golf game was played in 2016 it has fallen into disrepair. Eventually, the lease was up and the town took back ownership.

Right now the land, which is over 100 acres, is pretty overgrown. You can still see where there used to be a golf course. But now that needs to be cleared up as the town says there is still a ton of debris in the walkways from Hurricane Matthew that could be unsafe.

That danger is why the town wants to clean it up

“We want to rehab that a little bit. Clean it up. Make it usable for the public to go in there and walk or bike and enjoy what is a gorgeous piece of property.”

Once cleared, the land will be used by the town. For what is the big question.

“There have been a lot of interest. Sometimes competing interests of what individuals would like to see happen on that property, and really that is the task or challenge for staff in the immediate term and longer-term, town council to decide, what their plan for that property would be.”

Official conversations for those plans started on Monday. The next parks and recreation meeting to discuss it will be Friday afternoon.

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