River Ridge Academy opens new building, classrooms for students

River Ridge Academy opens new building, classrooms for students

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WTOC) - A new school during a time of big change.

Some Beaufort County students returned to in-person learning nearly three weeks ago. They returned to a new school building in Bluffton.

Students at River Ridge Academy have been in their new buildings for nearly three weeks and now classrooms that were empty and hallways that were bare are now bursting with color as students are able to reap the benefits of the referendum passed last November.

The new expansion at River Ridge Academy added 16 classrooms to their buildings in three wings. Each classroom holds more students, has a separate area for students backpacks and supplies, as well as its own bathroom. The expansion, however, only accounted for the growth Bluffton had already experienced since River Ridge was built just a few years ago.

The principal says for now, this takes care of their needs but future growth will require a longer-term solution.

“So the new construction that we built here, the new 16 classrooms, that was to house the students that are already here on our campus. So we are going to have to keep looking forward to the future. And as our community continues to grow, we are going to have to get creative. With new options for classrooms and maybe possibly even new schools," River Ridge Academy Principal Brian Ryman said.

So far kindergartners and third graders have been able to move into their buildings. Eighth graders will be moving in in just a few weeks.

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