Dozens of volunteers participate in Great Savannah Cleanup 2020

Dozens of volunteers participate in Great Savannah Cleanup 2020

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Several volunteers including Savannah district four Alderman Nick Palumbo scattered along Victory Drive this Saturday morning for the Great Savannah Cleanup 2020.

It was a city-wide initiative to help keep Savannah beautiful.

“Historic Victory Drive has been here for over 100 years and it’s only ours as long as we take care of it, maintain it and keep it beautiful," said Palumbo.

Palumbo, along with nearly 50 other volunteers, picked up trash along Victory Drive to help keep Savannah beautiful.

“Victory Drive has always been a boundary in the City of Savannah, but it doesn’t have to be," Palumbo said. "This brings together four different districts all across the city, we have four aldermen right here joining together, our neighborhood associations, businesses, small businesses, large businesses.”

Palumbo, along with volunteer John Bennett, both agree that in order to keep people attracted to the hostess city, it needs to be taken care of as much as possible and that starts with community members doing their part.

“It’s not just a trash cleanup, it’s cutting back overgrown vegetation, so to make sure that this beautiful walk space can continue to be that way," Palumbo said. "We’re hauling heavy objects out of the right of way and just trying to make this as beautiful as we can for one day of service.”

“Sometimes things get neglected when we’re just thinking about them as something to drive through instead of a place to be," Bennett said. "We want to make sure that Victory Drive is a good place to be, to walk your dog, or to run or just to be outside.”

They hope to continue the initiative for years to come to continue to keep the city looking its best.

“The most special thing that we have here in the city of Savannah is the public domain, the stuff that belongs to all of us," Palumbo said. "Our most special places, our parks, our squares, our streets, they belong to all of us, but they’re only as beautiful as we make them.”

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