Effingham Co. residents head to the polls for early voting

Effingham Co. residents head to the polls for early voting

EFFINGHAM CO, Ga. (WTOC) -Effingham County voters only had one Saturday to cast their vote during the three week early voting period.

Board of Elections officials say voters made their way out this morning, hours before they even opened to get their spot in line.

Board officials say that nearly 600 votes from early voters were processed between 9 a.m. and noon.

People were wrapped around the building and into the parking lot. BOE officials say it did slow down during the afternoon following the main rush.

Director of Elections and Registrations for Effingham County, Olivia Morgan says there are about 47,000 registered voters in the county. To date, they’ve had 11,000 voters vote in person and 3,000 voters vote absentee by mail. Morgan says this is the biggest turnout she’s seen for any election during the early voting period.

“We’re averaging 1,100 a day," said Morgan. "The most we’d ever done prior to this election was in 2016 on our last day of early voting, we had like 980 and that was the most we’d ever had in a day and we’re doing more than that every single day here.”

Early voting in the county will not take place on Sunday. Early voting will pick back up here on Monday for one more week before Election Day.

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