Election officials hold call promoting early voting

Effingham Co. residents head to the polls for early voting

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Nonprofits, businesses, and election officials from around the country came together to increase awareness around early voting on Saturday.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was part of a discussion with California’s Chief Election Officer on Facebook Live.

Raffensperger and Alex Padilla talked about the importance of early voting, whether that’s by absentee ballot or in-person.

The two also discussed the record turnout both states are seeing this election year.

Raffensperger says early voting keeps voters safe, but it also helps alleviate any pressure during in-person voting on Election Day.

“It really is about reducing the load on the big Election Day on that Tuesday of November, so you spread that out so everyone has a great experience,” Raffensperger said.

“If you see 100 people waiting behind you, you’re going to feel like you need to hurry up for the folks that are waiting. You can avoid that by voting early,” said California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

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