Savannah Gardens residents reach out to Alderwoman for help with mold, plumbing issues

Savannah Gardens residents reach out to Alderwoman for help with mold, plumbing issues

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Dozens of residents in a district 3 neighborhood have reached out to Alderwoman Linda Wilder Bryan for help.

Residents say they’ve dealt with plumbing, roofing, and mold problems, just to name a few, at their houses. They say these problems have been going on since the houses were built.

Some residents in the Savannah Gardens subdivision say they’ve dealt with issues in their homes for years. Issues they say stem from negligence when it came to building the houses.

“A whole street of homes with the same problem is a problem for me,” said Alderwoman Linda Wilder Bryan

Residents say they called on Alderwoman Linda Wilder Bryan to help them. On Sunday, she met up with a group of homeowners to hear what is truly going on.

“We want to get things nullified, we want to get questions answered on why these situations occurred, who are responsible and are they going to be held accountable?” asked resident Stewart Stones.

Stewart and April Stone showed pictures of mold that spread onto pieces of furniture and even came up through their floors.

“We had to get an entire bedroom set and we had to get our son a new bedroom set," say Stone. "Also, the floors we had to go through those and get a whole new flooring set because the mold was coming up through the carpet.”

Alderwoman Wilder Bryan says the subdivision was contracted out by the city through Mercy Housing, which is an affordable housing organization for low-income families.

“These are hard-working people in our community who have been wronged," she said. "They’ve got contractors that put in substandard material. You got floors coming up, you got people who have had to just redo their home from the front door to the back door.”

Several residents say they’ve had appliances improperly installed, roofing problems and several of them say their air conditioner units are currently broken. The Stones say they went a month with no air condition.

“We need to find out who actually installed the units and see what they can do because they were never installed properly,” said April Stone.

Alderwoman Wilder Bryan says she’s concerned about more homes being built by the same people.

“On Pennsylvania Avenue, they’re building some more homes and we don’t want the same people to do the same injustices to new families,” she said.

Wilder Bryan says an official with the Housing and Neighborhood Services Department for the city has been notified about the problems and is offering some help.

“She’s offered to replace and repair at a percentage and that’s a good thing, but their expectation is that they get more because the equipment that they got was shabby from the get-go.”

Alderwoman Linda Wilder Bryan did ask all of the residents at the meeting to document what’s going on in and around their homes, so she can help their voices be heard.

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