Savannah Sharks cheerleaders compete virtually

Savannah Sharks cheerleaders compete virtually
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -WTOC first introduced you to the Savannah Sharks cheerleaders as they were preparing for virtual tryouts in April.

The girls are now allowed back into the gym for the first time in a month. They’re in smaller groups and they’re taking on a new challenge as they competing virtually.

“We’re like, oh this is going to be so easy, if we don’t hit perfect, we’ll just refilm it," said Savannah Sharks owner Megan Yarbrough. "We actually wound up submitting a video with one mistake in it just because it ran out of time and we had to pick a video. It’s truly competing your best routine against somebody else’s best, because if they bust, they can redo their video as well, so it’s actually, I think, a tougher way to compete.”

Seeing other athletes take the field this fall made the coaches comfortable with getting back into the gym.

“These girls have been working hard since March, and I feel like if football is on the field performing, then we should be able to cheer on our athletes and reward them for all the hard work they’ve been putting in,” Yarbrough said.

They’re currently rotating teams in and out of the gym to limit the number of people inside and the masks are as much a part of the uniforms as bows.

It’s paid off.

“I have 250 All-Stars, and we’ve experienced one cheerleader, one parent, and just recently we had one coach quarantining,” Yarbrough said.

They’re planning to travel to their first in-person competition of the season in Florida in December and preparing for their showcase next month.

The Sharks are hoping to hear back on Monday how they finished in their first virtual competition.

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