Residents along ash roads in Effingham Co. hopeful TSPLOST will pass

The proposed penny tax could mean millions of dollars in upgrades to county roads

Residents along ash roads in Effingham Co. hopeful TSPLOST will pass

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s no secret the roads in Effingham County have been an issue for quite some time.

But this year voters have a chance to actually change that and hopefully smooth things out for years to come.

“It’s clear roads are the number one issue effecting residents here,” said Effingham County Manager Tim Callanan.

If TSPLOST is approved Callanan says that would mean some big money to help solve this big issue.

“We’re anticipating, over a five-year period of time, roughly $45 million to come in.”

Addressing large projects like Goshen Road.

“So, our goal on that is to three lane it,” says Callanan.

As well as other projects that have been a long time coming.

“Ash roads are simply dirt roads that we put a surface treatment on years ago.”

Many of those roads now literally falling apart.

Including Archer Road in Guyton.

“You just feel like you’re bouncing around,” says Vicki Wilkerson who has lived along Archer Road for 16 years.

For Vicki, a trip to her house comes with a warning.

“I have to tell them to slow down, to be careful, that I will mess up the tires on your car maybe. So, yes, it’s embarrassing.”

So, when Vicki found out her road was on the list of projects TSPLOST would address.

“Oh, I was very pleased, very excited!”

The repaving would include 35 total miles of ash roads across the county.

All part of a larger plan, which at least Vicki is hopeful will pass.

“We need it," said Wilkerson, "not just for Archer Road but there are lots of neighborhoods and lots of roads and things that need repaired. I think we should do it for the good of all the citizens.”

For a full list of the projects that TSPLOST money would be used to fund just click here.

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