Top Teacher: Melissa Watkins

Top Teacher: Melissa Watkins

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - We know the pandemic has been hard on parents and students, but it’s also been tough on teachers, who miss the children.

“I think I’m the most excited, I said me, I’m the first one, I’m coming back.”

Melissa Watkins is happy to be back in the classroom with her kids.

“I can’t wait to put a piece of paper in front of the child instead of looking at a computer screen all the time,” Watkins said.

Watkins teaches 7th grade math at Coastal Middle School.

“Most of what we do in 7th grade math is life skills math. We do algebra all day long and don’t ever realize that we are doing algebra. But that light bulb moment, seeing a kid understand something they didn’t understand is a great feeling. That’s why I love teaching math.”

Watkins also likes to encourage students for what they are doing right, even making phone calls to let the parents know.

“Kids are going to be kids, and to get a positive phone call or a positive email, we have so many good students here and I want to focus on what’s good and what’s right about a student and not focusing on the negative. It makes it a better day for me and for the kids.”

“She gives 100 percent all the time, she is our go to person, our cheerleader, for the kids as well as the staff,” said Assistant Principal Tarangula Scott.

“That I think is so exciting, to see kids come back and say I appreciate the confidence you gave me. Because that is more important than a test score, kids just aren’t test scores. That confidence, if we can have confident children, when they leave this building, ready for high school, that’s what I want,” Watkins said.

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