Common response many are seeing on unemployment claim

Ga. Department of Labor to launch online scheduling system to help claimants

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - WTOC continues to ask questions about your unemployment issues with the Georgia Department of Labor.

Many Georgians have reached out to us about not receiving any payments, or payments have stopped.

“It says, ‘Your eligibility is pending determination.’”

It’s a message several unemployed Georgians see when they log into their My UI account, like Michael Booker who lives in Senoia, just south of Atlanta.

He was laid off in April, and his employer filed for his benefits, which he received payments for, but that stopped at the end of July. His wife Brianna, who has been helping him file for unemployment, spoke to me about what happened next.

“We got a message saying that he need to reapply. We reapplied and nothing has happened,” Brianna Booker said.

A lot of people have different situations, but they’re getting that same message. So. what exactly could that mean?

“It just means that there may be a reason that their payments could be delayed, based on a separation reason,” Communications Director Kersha Cartwright said.

Reasons such as the employee quit, was discharged, took a leave of absence, there was severance pay; just to name a few.

Cartwright says the claim has to get reviewed before the DOL determines if that person is eligible for benefits.

“We give the employer ample time; we’re required to give them 10 days. They have 10 days to respond to a claim that an employee has made.” The GDOL, again, asks for patience as it has thousands of claims to get through.

I just heard back from the Booker family. A GDOL rep reached out to them following our interview. The wife says the department is working to rectify her husband’s claim.

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