Ga. Department of Labor to launch online scheduling system to help claimants

Ga. Department of Labor to launch online scheduling system to help claimants

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - For the past few months, WTOC has reported on the new tools the Georgia Department of Labor has launched to help the filing process become more efficient.

The DOL just announced the launch of another tool - an online scheduling system.

The commissioner doesn’t see any Department of Labor offices opening anytime soon, so the department is trying to find other communication options for claimants. With this new online appointment scheduler, the DOL hopes this will help solve claimant issues and decrease the backlog of messages the department is currently facing.

The scheduler will allow people to make an appointment online to talk to an unemployment representative, on the phone, regarding their claim. This is all part of a two-week pilot program.

During the two weeks, there will be almost 3,000 appointments available, each 2-hours.

The communications director asks claimants to be prepared for their appointment, so the representative can get a better understanding of what issue they may be facing.

“If you have any paperwork that you’ve received from the Department of Labor that you have questions about, make sure that you have that available so that you can reference that during the call. Any questions? Go ahead and write those out if you have them so you can tell that claims representative exactly what your issue is The more information that you have and could give them, so they can possibly find a resolution for you, the better off you’re going to be,” Communications Director Kersha Cartwright said.

That new tool launches on Nov. 2. You’ll find it on the Department of Labor’s website under the Spotlight area.

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