Good News: Parent University expanding to Pensacola

Good News: Parent University expanding to Pensacola

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Parent University is still settling into its new home, even as it develops new places for the program to live.

“It’s almost unbelievable the amount of buy in we have received from the municipalities, the advocacies, the population in general in Pensacola. And I’m sure it’s due to the efforts our parents over two decades have demonstrated here in Savannah,” Parent University Executive Director Michael O’Neal.

O’Neal and the executive staff of the program that trains parents to be their children’s first teacher left today for Pensacola, Florida where they will set up the first satellite Parent University outside of Savannah - an outgrowth that has been anticipated for several years finally coming to fruition.

“This is something we’ve always said, but it’s different when you see it happen. This is the day you open that package that has been sitting under the tree.”

“It shows the evolution of Parent University over the years and it shows others appreciation for it and for what it has been to Savannah that someone can see what it could mean to their city,” Parent University Associate Executive Director Tameka Tribble said.

Five members of the Parent U team are being flown down by private jet for two days of meetings and discussions. But a lot of the work to launching in Pensacola has been done already in Savannah.

“The Pensacola team has been coming to Savannah, visiting, observing. They brought their team here and they really took note of what it takes to build a parent university.”

“What we have in Pensacola is a sister Parent University. We have members from Pensacola who are on our board of directors. This is an exportation of our methodology.”

And it is the first step to the local program achieving the long-term goal to growing nationally.

“What we are doing is extending our process to Pensacola and we will work together, we will learn from each other over time. But essentially what we are doing it repeating the Savannah process in another location to prove that it’s the process that makes it successful.”

“This is an interesting time for us, but it’s exciting as well. Because we are going to know ourselves better, know our strengths better and maybe some things we can do better with that we can work toward together ... this is a big step, but it is just the beginning.”

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