Long County Celebrates Centennial with New Museum

Long County Museum of History Opens

LUDOWICI, Ga. (WTOC) - Long County is celebrating its centennial this year with a look back at its history. The Centennial Committee asked a few of its members to lead the charge to create the Long County Museum of History, which opened up earlier this month.

Since February, members of the historical committee have been working on the museum. They went door to door asking for donations of any photos or other artifacts residents thought would help tell the story of the county. They also relied on help from the library’s archives.

Now, the museum includes pieces of the past that range from a growing photo collection of Long County veterans to a photo of every church in the area, and a stoplight some residents claim was the first in Ludowici.

Committee member Betty Baxter says this place serves a vital role in the community.

“You lose a lot of history when you don’t have a place to put things. We got a lot of school pictures that people said they found fixing to be thrown out," Baxter said. "Well, it’s important to me to keep the history of Long County. So we just want to encourage young people to get involved. I had one young man come by the museum the other day who’s very interested and I told him, I said, ‘It’ll be left up to people like you to keep things going for us.' And so hopefully that will happen, more young people will get involved.”

The county’s official centennial happens November 19. On that day, there will be a ceremony on the courthouse steps.

The Long County Museum of History is located at the Mary Ann Odum Government Annex in Ludowici.

Volunteers help keep the museum open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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