Top Teacher: Pam Lamb

Top Teacher: Pam Lamb

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - She is a kindergarten teacher willing to do whatever it takes to help her children succeed, even if it means changing her look.

Meet this week’s WTOC Top Teacher, Pam Lamb from Brooklet Elementary School.

“I want them to learn something. I want them to get excited about learning.”

Lamb is in the pink, all dressed up for school. “Today is wig day. This is Red Ribbon Week and we’ve had a lot of fun dressing up and that’s part of the fun of working in an elementary school, and we do all these fun activities,” Lamb said.

Lamb has been teaching at Brooklet Elementary School for 26 years. And she is quick to give credit to her teaching partner Janelle Aldridge and the rest of the staff at Brooklet Elementary. “When I see them learn, I literally cry because there is just so much joy when they light up you know. I just can’t believe how much they get excited just about learning.” “She’s a phenomenal teacher. Kindergarten teachers I always say that there are special places in heaven for kindergarten teachers, and she is one of the best. She works on a fabulous team,” Principal Mike Lamb said. “I want the children in my room to know they are loved, and I care about them. They are a piece of my heart.”

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